Why a Day-Of Coordinator Is A Must Have For Any Wedding!

Are you a bride and groom power team planning every detail of your own wedding day? In the back of your head are you wondering how every detail is going to go according to plan all while, still enjoying the most magical day of your life? Perhaps you are thinking back to a wedding you’ve been to where it was pretty certain the bride and groom to be could have used a bit of extra help. Maybe all the special events were running a little late, maybe the quests were a bit confused about what was happening, perhaps it took forever for the music to start, for food service to end or the dancing to begin.....clearly this couple could have used a bit of Simple Charm to execute their plans just right to keep their wedding running on track, but how can you avoid the same fate on your own wedding day?

With all the blogs (heh, like this one 😉) DIY books, check sheets and wedding planning tools so close to hand, its no wonder why so many of these power couples are taking out to plan their own wedding day. That’s great! There’s nothing wrong with that - plan away, but one thing is for sure – You will be hurtin’ for certin’ the day of your wedding if you try and coordinate on your own wedding day. I repeat one thing is for sure – you cannot coordinate on your wedding day. Plan away – and let us coordinate your day of event.

With Simply Charmed Events Day of Event Coordination Package I will be watching over all the details that you have mapped out so you can enjoy your day, spend precious moments with your family and friends without stressing about the management of the day. So, you have mapped out all the details, right? Great! Now on the day of I come in, knowing every plan, every wish, having every vendor contact, knowing what your décor is supposed to look like, and you will be relaxing with your bridal party. Spend these precious moments with your family - enjoy your day and entrust me as a capable Day-Of Coordinator. On your wedding day I will be managing everything with my professional expertise and quick thinking flexibility so you can trust me to carry out your plans and to handle any last-minute changes that may come up.

With myself as an accomplished Day-Of Coordinator overseeing the specifics of your day, you can relish in all the special moments with your family and friends without stressing about all the details. On the day of your wedding, my main job as the Day-Of Coordinator is to ensure that your plans come to life and to discreetly handle any issues that may arise. What you can trust is that you will arrive to a perfectly set up ceremony and reception, as I will be there ahead of time to make sure that everything is set up properly. I will act as your liaison to the venue, food manager, decorators, MC, DJ, photographer, parents, so that all the pieces of magic that you have so carefully crafted out come together and make for a beautiful wedding that is running on time and according to your plan.

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